I am pleased to be presenting a body of work in fused glass – a medium I am still exploring with great delight.  I work almost exclusively with Bullseye Glass, which is imported from America (as am I!)  Bullseye glass is hand rolled, and offers an incredible range of colours and finishes – transparent, opaque, iridescent, streaky.  It is hard not to be seduced by that range and I have been taking advantage of the breadth of material on offer as I discover which shapes and forms and designs I most enjoy making.

As befits my slightly off centre take on most things, I am determined to create works that are themselves just slightly off-centre.  My round bowls are never completely and neatly round, and often have open areas.  My platters usually have a corner missing.  Dishes that might be square will have designs that are rarely symmetrical.   That makes each piece totally distinctive, which I hope will appeal to collectors as much as it does to me.  These days, too many “things” are off the peg, capable of being bought over the internet because having seen one, you know exactly what the next one will be like – perhaps with only a variation in colour.  I hope my pieces will appeal to those who want something different, something expressive of the maker, rather than something mass produced or formulaic.   

Lynn lives and works in Colchester and London, and can be visited, by appointment, at her London studio at Cockpit Arts.